The Deep Sports Podcast

Deep Sports Podcast 007: The Greatest Comeback In Sports Podcast History!

August 10, 2018

Welcome to the RETURN of the sports podcast that goes deeper than your favorite conspiracy theories, The Deep Sports Podcast! Your host, Matt Barnes, returns with a new co-host, Andrew Hutchinson, and a special guest, Joey Barnes, for the reboot episode.


Do you feel that special aura in the air? That's right, football season is upon us and the boys start with some NFL Hall of Fame and Hall of Fame game talk, including the enshrinement of legendary Eagles safety, Brian Dawkins, and finish with a deep dive into the return of Johnny Manziel... to the Canadian Football League! Along with NFL talk, the gang discuss the current controversy faced by the Ohio State University Head Football Coach Urban Meyer, a brief preview of the second half of the NFL Season, and a special educational look at the Lacrosse World Championship by beat reporter Hutch Hutchinson. Good show, Hutch!


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